8.5 inch


Screen Lock


Eco Friendly

Voice Recording

120mAh Battery


Eye Comfort

It's non-radiative display makes working on the Vimba WS2 easy on the eyes. It's long battery life also means you can use it for hours. 

Easy on

the Eyes

8.5 inch Display

With an 8.5 inch screen size, the Vimba WS2  is compact while allowing for a completely immersive sketching experience.

Take Notes

The Vimba WS2 allows for you to record your voice for up to 40 seconds, for when you need to take notes or leave a message.

Save 3 Trees!

With it's paper free design the Vimba WS2 is an eco-friendly sketching option.


With a ergonomic design and a weight of only 110g, you'll want to take the Vimba WS2 with you wherever you go.

Keep your work

The Vimba WS2's screen lock function allows you to keep your work safe and then continue with it later.

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